Spark of Loves this Week

This Ice Cream.

Because it's wonderful and I will miss it.

This Moment.

Because nothing is better than a nap with your dog.

This Grapefruit.

Because it was ice cold and was a wonderful breakfast treat.

This Spider.

Because I wasn't afraid of him.

These Rabbits.

Because Skylar wanted one so bad, but I told him he would have to wait till after we moved.

This Mouse.

Because I love the colors.

This Sign.

Because it reminded me of the Pirate and Gypsy Festival.

This Star.

Because it was in grandma's garden.

This Lunch.

Because it was just like a school lunch and was yummy to my little Bean.

These Leaves.

Because they make my day every time I see them.

This Watermelon.

Because I ate it all by myself and it was wonderful!

This Skyline.

Because it was the perfect end to a perfect evening.

This Lavender.

Because I grew it and it produced a lot this season.

This Shadow.

Because it was eye-catching.

This Water Bottle.

Because it says Crystal Springs on it.

These Clouds.

Because they needed to be shared.

This Ice Cream.

Because it was enjoyed at the local ice cream parlor.

These Cups.

Because they are so colorful.

This Hermit Crab.

Because they are about to go on an adventure in two weeks. 

This Machine.

Because it was super cool and we couldn't help but play with it.

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