Spark of Loves this Week

This Rice.

Because it helped save my kid's cell phone after he dropped into Dr. Pepper.

This Tea.

Because it is the best!  No really.....It's by Townshend's Tea Company; Brew Dr. Kombucha and comes in several flavors that are to die for.  And the best part, it's made right here in the state of Oregon.  Check them out HERE!

This Candy.

For being large, and delicious all in one roll.  After about the seventh one, my mouth was raw.

This Garden.

For being amazing and belonging to a good friend.  I watered her plants and flowers while her family was on vacation.  I enjoyed every minute of it too!

This Paperwork.

Because it's finally happening.  I am finally moving from Oregon to Arkansas after about five years of contemplating it.  My anxiety level is through the roof, but it will be a good change.  Check out POD for your moving needs.  They help keep everything simple.

This Lemonade.

Because it was the best, and it had a whole lemon in it.  A WHOLE LEMON!

This Face.

Because sometimes it's a nice, little face to see.

This Tea.

Because it is so wonderful.  The mint is my favorite.  Check them out here, they are amazing!  And thanks to Brit+Co for introducing me to them.

These Tags.

Because they are a start to The Peppermint Bee.  Thanks to The Plaid Barn for making them look amazing!

This Sink.

Because when I let the water out of the sink it left this design.  I thought it was pretty darn cool.

This Poster.

Because I wish more people were this way.

This Star Wars Setup.

Because it's great!  

Eco-Tip:  Start composting right in your own backyard.  A good way to get started is by using an old trash can and begin adding kitchen scraps to the container slowly over time.  Be sure the can has a tight fitting lid.  Click here to get tips on helping you get started.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth & Me:  Go Green.

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