Spark of Loves this Week

This Bottle.

Because it's helping me drink more water.  Try my sassy water recipe here to help get your fill of water amounts daily, too.

This Face.

Because he is so me in so many ways!

This LEGO.

Because my little Bean built it.

These Dogs.

Because it made me laugh so hard when I saw it.

This Kid.

Because he is awesome!  You can read what my little Bean is up to in his world HERE.

This Snack.

Because they are really pretty tasty and prove that you can make healthier choices when eating out.

This Poster.

Because even though we aren't Blake Shelton fans, it was too cool to pass up a photo-op.

This Kitty and This Beer.

Because she's always on the prowl and this beer because it's my current favorite.

This Picture and This Price.

Because when in his karate suit he looks like the Iron Chef (the knives are plastic, by the way) and this price because ouch!

This Sign and This Bell.

Because I wish more people would actually do this, and this bell because he loves to ring it when we go to eat after karate class.

This Card.

Because it's my very own business card and I love it.  Check out my articles for HERE.

This Ant and This Statue.

This ant because he was so strong and I loved watching him. (Big science nerd here), and this statue because I call it my "ode to Meia."

This Green Smoothie.

Because it's making me feel amazing everyday.

These Kids and This Bumper Sticker.

Because they were a blast to have around all during the school year and we are certainly going to miss her when we leave.  And this bumper sticker because we are huge zombie fans and it was the best!

Eco-tip:  Be sure and run your ac sparingly this season, especially if it's a window unit.  To help cut down on the strain your ac pulls on the environment, look to window fans that can pull in the evening cool air at night and install ceiling fans to help circulate the air inside your home too.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me:  Go Green!

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