Our night of Foghat

So call us hipster parents and whatnot, but we took our kid to see Foghat live.  Okay so we've always been fans of the song Slow Ride, and one of our favorite movies is Dazed and Confused, but who knew that interest would leak over into our little Skylar-Braden.  Epic right?  Hey, better than having a kid that's a Justin Beiber fan!  Ha!  Here is a good recap of our Foghat night that was amazing!

We had a great spot in the blanketed area in the grass.  Center row and only a few feet back from the stage!

 Waiting patiently for the opening act to hit the stage.

We had ice cream and lemonade while we waited.  Perfect combination to beat the heat too! The lemonade had a whole lemon in it and was fresh squeezed. 

The opening band was a local band out of Portland, Oregon called RootJack.  You can read more about them HERE!

And here we go!  

Photo courtesy of Jared Martinsen
Photo courtesy of Jared Martinsen

After the performance we were among the last people at the concert to stick around till the band came out for a meet and greet.

Skylar got his FOG hat signed by all the members.  They told him that he was one of the youngest fans they met and they were thrilled.

It was an awesome night, and even a few days after the concert we are still hearing Slow Ride being sung throughout the house.


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