The Greeting Card Shop makes correspondence easier with free greeting cards!

Have you heard of The Greeting Card Shop?  If not, now is the time to get to know them better.  For every moment that you think someone could use a card, but you just weren't sure where to start, they make life easier.  The Greeting Card Shop has a ton of cards to pick from and they even allow you personalized it to make it even more special for that one receiving it.  No matter if you go with a blank card, or one that's personalized, all greeting cards only $1.99!

The Greeting Card Shop makes staying in touch with loved ones easier and better than ever.  You pick out the card[s] you want, personalize them, they are mailed straight to you home, then you send them out.  

I love how quit and convenient it is to look through their hundreds of card options and pick the ones that bare my personality.  Even the black cards work well with many occasions too.  

Damask Blank Greeting Card 

Check out The Greeting Card Shop today.  New cards are being added all the time, and right now:  

Customers buy 2 cards, you get their 3rd card free.


Hurry, this offer expires July 31st 2013.  Discounts a maximum of $1.99 per order with a minimum purchase of 3 greeting cards in the shopping cart.


The Greeting Card Shop is also on Facebook and Twitter!

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