Strawberry Festival and Parade (2013)

This year was a great day for the Strawberry Festival mainly for the simple fact that the sun stayed out all day and not a drop of rain was seen.  We had been getting pretty wet weather lately, so it was a nice change to actually see the sun stick around for awhile for us to enjoy both the parade and the festival.  Here's a recap of the festivities we attended here in Strawberry Capitol of Oregon (Lebanon, Oregon).



After the parade we hit the Strawberry Fair......


Skylar met up with a classmate and his cousin at the ticket booth.  And the boys rode most of the rides together.  

Skylar then ran into our little neighbor girl and she wanted to ride with Skylar on the Bumper Cars.  She had a blast and so did Skylar.  I love the look on their faces as they went around and around the Bumper Car platform.

The one thing about the fair that I love is the booths set up with the carnival lights.  One of my all-time favorites.

It was a fun night for the three of us. 

The next day after the parade, I am always nursing a neck, arm, or face burn of some kind.  :(

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