Spark of Loves this Week

This Picture.

Because having a Min-Pin around, no food is left untouched.

This Curds.

Because they are way too good.  Self control is not something that comes easily with these.

This Cow.

Because it's Tillie from the Tillamook Cheese Factory in Oregon and I love her.

This Lego.

Because we are loving Lego Club at the Library.

This Popcorn Machine.

Because it's awesome!

This Sticker.

Because I like it.

This Car.

Because I will admit, anything from Dazed and Confused is amazing.

This Boy.

Because he just did not feel good at all.

This Fog.

Because it was almost creepy.

This Cheese.

Because it's so darn good.

This Dog.

Because he makes me laugh so much (when he isn't irritating me, of course).

This Setup.

Because it was clean.

This Drawing.

Because we have gone a bit crazy with chalkboard paint in our house.

This Sheet.
Because he is getting better.

This Plate.

Because it reads Eazy E and made me smile.

This Moment.

Because little things are really worth the stillness of a picture.

This Lunch Date.

Because he is the bomb!

This Beer.

Because it prompted a good night.

This Doggy.

Because even though he is 13 this year, he is the best dog ever!

This Laptop.

Because, I miss it.

This Mimosa.

Because it was damn good and I don't care that I drank it before noon.

This Karate Class.

Because we love it!

This Meal.

Because everything about it was wonderful.

This Jelly Jar.

Because I love vintage things and this adds to my collection.

This 'Stache.

Just because.

This Kid.

Because he still fits in the dryer.

This Bracelet.

Because arrows are cool to me right now.

This Smirk.

Because he is enjoying the day.

This Sign.

Because we are big fans of The Walking Dead and this was just perfect to find.

These Labels.

Because, never again!

This Cell Phone Call.

Because Skylar got a cell phone and the first person he called was John.

These Dogs.

Because I hate when they are in their kennel, it makes them look like they are in doggie jail.  :(

These Branches.
Because they came from the monkey puzzle tree that didn't survive the last winter here.  :(

This Lavender.

Because I am obsessed and this is a start.

This Smile.

Because it has saved lunch and dinner for the past two weeks.

This App.

Because I can't stop play Logo Quiz.  Check it out here.

This Swimming Time.

Because he passed his swimming lessons and now wants to swim all the time!

Eco-Tip:  Using a ceiling fan to move air around in the summer and also in the winter is a great way to help cool or heat your home.  Check into one that is easy to install and conserves electricity in the process.  And always remember to turn it off when you leave the room.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth & Me:  Go Green.

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