Spark of Loves this Week

These Peas.

Because I saved them myself from last year's crop.

This Filling.

Because Nutella with Marshmallow is pretty darn yummy.

This Yogurt.

Because it's my new fav.

This Pie.

Because it's a s'more pie.

This Cat.

Because she's cool.

This Picture.

Because it's the last.

These Nails.

Because they are so darn pretty and perfect for the summer.

This Statue.

Because let's face it, whether you swing this way or not, this statue is simply beautiful.

These Files.

Because my volunteer time is over.

This House.

Because it's pretty and very original.  The people that live there call it the Rainbow House.  (for good reason) 

This Receipt.

Because I found it the other day and realized why I kept it.

This Arby's

Because their sign always makes me smile.

This Popcorn.

Because it was fun seeing Skylar at lunch when I helped out.

These Rubbers.

Because we had to wear them a few days ago.

This Chili.

Because sometimes, even in the summer, chili is called for.

These Tator-tots.

Because I couldn't get over how big the bag was.

This Kid.

Because he is getting too big, too fast.

This Sign.

Because it was on a store front and I couldn't help but wonder........

This Price Tag.

Because it was funny to me.

These Fries.

Because they were sweet potato fries and I couldn't resist.

This Box.

Because we've been so busy lately, I will admit, we've cheated.

This Chocolate.

Because it's so darn good.

This Cup.

Because it changes colors and comes from our bank.

This Moment.

Because it's moments like this that you can't ever get back.

This Cheesecake.

Because I made it, and it was good.

This Beer.

Because it's my new love.

This Taste.

Because he tasted sparkling grape juice for the first time.  I think he liked it....we are still in debate. #pickyeater

This Sunset.

Because it just needed to be shared.

This Mirror.

Because it was on the hotel bathroom mirror when I got out of the shower.  Ha!

This Sign.

Because I love it.

This Sticker.

Because, even though I use Twitter (@sh3lly) I think this is very accurate!

This Shirt.

Because the Mr. loved it.

This Owl.

Because it reminded me how important my little boy is no matter where we are.

This Rain.

Because honestly, Oregon rain.

This Sign.

Because I love creativity like this.  What a fun way to stand out!

This Pose.

Because he was so tired after so much to do this week.  Yes, we had to wear jackets one day this week....craziness!

This Coffee.

Because I don't drink coffee, but I just had to have something in this mug.  

This Book.

Because let's face it, it looks damn interesting.

This Box.

Because it seems to be out of place.  Along with the Lifesavers Christmas boxes.

This Moment.

Because it was just that, a moment in time.


Eco-Tip:  A lot of people shun yard sales, but did you know having a yard sale can no only keep things from ending up in our landfills, but also put a little extra cash in your pocket.  And if you visit yard sales, you might just find that special something that no one else has.  By buying used you save a lot more than just money in the long run.  This summer, stop by the many yard sales that will be in your area this time of year and help keep items from becoming trash.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth & Me:  Go Green.

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