Five simple things

These Magazines.

Because Restoration Hardware makes me swoon so much over things lately.

These Carrots.

Because they are simply beautiful.

These Beans.

Because I grew them and they are beautiful.

These Succulents.

Because they are doing lovely now.

These Book.

Because I have actually saved a lot with this.

This Kid.

Because gosh darn it, he is amazing!

These Sunflowers.

Because they are so pretty this year.

These Sockets.

Because they were fun to make.

This Lavender.

Because it's a start on my dream.

This Dinner.

Because it was tasty and very colorful.

These Jars.

Because I love storing things in them.

This App.

Because we have had a lot of fun with this Hangman App.

This Soda.

Because it's become a tradition to get Mexican soda when we go out to eat Mexican food now.  

These Soldiers.

Because they were sent from Uncle Will and we have had a blast with them.

This Dollar.

Because every time we see a Where's George logo, we always log them in.

This Mustache.

Because every time he wears it, it cracks me up.

This Candy.

Because it came in a surprise bag and Skylar loved it because it was a Sea Turtle.

This Discount.

Because even though it was past the time, I still got 10% off.  

This Face.

Because we still haven't learned the reason why things need to be done.  :(

This Bread.


This Gift.

Because Skylar got a gift card from a special someone and he got to use it on something he has been wanting for awhile.

Eco-Tip:  Growing and eating your own food is a great way to go green.  Simple vegetables and fruits, or even berries can be started in your own area, no matter where you live.  Tomatoes work for tight spaces, and beans can work even inside your home.  Look into ways to grow something that you and your family can take advantage of this year; It's not too late!  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.

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