Spark of Loves this Week

This Timeline.  This Plant.

Because it's finally happening and coming down to the wire.  This tomato plant because I just love the little yellow blooms that will soon be tomatoes.

These Blueberries.  These Rulers.

These blueberries because they are yummy this time of year.  And these rulers because well, I have started a collection.

These Stepables.

Because they are fun!

These Kid.  This Burger.

This kid because he is the best.  And this burger because it's the best.

This Meal.

Because it was southern-made.

This Pictures.  These Snails.

This picture because it was funny.  And these snails because this time of year they are everywhere.

These Peppers.  This Paint.

Because soon they will be ready.  And this paint because I have finally crossed over to the turquoise paint craze.  

These Veggies.

Because they came from my garden.

This Tea.

Because it was good all the way down to the last drink.

This Moment.

Because he took his own pictures and had the developed all by himself.  :)

These Marigolds.  This Worm.

Because they were pretty.  And this worm because it's so cute sticking out the the flower pot.

This Lemonade.  This Quote.

Because it was think and delicious.  And this quote because I wholeheartedly agree.

This Nest.

Because it was the neatest thing to find and it part of my decor now.

This Granola.

Because I am addicted.

Eco-Tip:  When taking a picnic this season be sure and use reusable items such as silverware, cups, cloth napkins, and even plates.  Keeping a specific collection for your picnic basket will help cut down on paper waste, and save you money in the long run.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.

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