The "I love you Bean"

During the Easter holiday Skylar received an "I Love You Bean" as part of his Easter basket from the "Easter Bunny."  We didn't really want to plant it right away, instead we waited and we're glad we did.  It was the neatest little bean to watch grow and it will be planted in our garden before too long and give us other beans to plant along side it the following year.

The pun on this bean is the fact that it's a play on words for Skylar.  His nickname is Bean, so technically it was the "I Love you Bean" for Bean.  

Such a fun little bean to grow and it's great for kids too.  Snag your own "I Love You Bean" here from Think Geek for under $7.

If you grew this bean too, talk to me about it in the comments below and let me know how awesome it was for you to see "I Love You" on the bean.

Eco-Tip:  Hit the yard sales this summer instead of buying things new.  Check out local thrift stores too and snag a one of a kind find.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.

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