Spark of Loves this Week

This Chocolate.

Because I needed it.  Seriously!

These Nachos.

Because they were tasty.

This Pose.

Because it almost looks like she is pissed off.

...Or irritated with all the pictures.  Ha!

These Cherries, and These Pineapples.

Because Rainer Cherries are the best.  And these pineapples because, well.....Yeah.

This Meal.

Because Izzy's is the best.

This Map and This Yogurt.

Because it's yard sale time people!  And this yogurt because, out of all the Greek yogurts, these brand is my favorite.

This Sunset.

Because when I move I will miss the sunsets of the northwest.

This Pose.

Because it's so cute.  A bit of short dog problems.

This Sidewalk and This Pose.

This Sidewalk because it's so colorful.  And this Pose because having my kid enjoy yoga as much as I do is amazing.

This Radish.

Because it survived the winter and wanted to be picked.

These Razors and This Tea.

Because they were so sweet sitting there together.  And this tea because it's actually pretty darn good.

These Impatients and This Sign.

Because they were so pretty with their pinks and reds.  And this sign because having a fire fighter in the house you tend to see these sign more often than before.

This Sign and This Chocolate Bar.

Because it was funny to me.  And this chocolate bar because....Oh my gosh, have you tried these. Ahhhhh.  So good!

These Peas.

Because I saved them last summer and now they are being planted in the ground for this season.

Eco-Tip:  Instead of hosing your driveway off with the water hose, try sweeping it instead.  So much water is wasted on just simple yard tasks like washing the driveway.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.

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