Spark of Loves this Week

This Flower.  This Drink.

Because it's the last tulip in the flowerbed still holding on.  And this drink because it made this little boy's day.

This Picture.  These Chickens.

Because Skylar drew it for me.  And these chickens because they were pretty and white.

This Symbol.  These Words.

Because it's the symbol for OM and I love it.  And these words for the fact that the public school system for Skylar is over for awhile.

This Envelope.  This Picture.

Because it traveled all the way from Latvia.  And this picture because it rocks.

These Clothes.  This Drink.

Because Skylar made it look as if he vanished into thin air.  And this drink because it was a big let down that they put my hot latte in a Styrofoam cup.  Who does that?

This Sewing Machine.  These Poppies.

Because I let it go.  And these poppies because they are every where right now.

This Craft.

Because it was fun to make.

This Clover.

Because I looked really hard to find one with four leaves.

This Sign.

Because it's hanging in my living room and I just adore it.

This Camping Gear.

Because it's awesome!

This Bumper Sticker.  This Drink.

Because it made me laugh.  And this drink because it was tasty.

This Mirror.

Because someone broke it and it got replaced with a better one.

These Shrimp.

Because they were yummy and the perfect addition for a get together we had recently.

Eco-Tip:  This summer be sure and regulate the sprinkler system at your home.  Remember, only 2-inches of water is needed to water the grass each day.  Anymore than that and it's a waste.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.

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