Spark of Loves this Week

1.  This Nose.

Because even while in Oregon we can call the HOGS by way of Play-Doh nose.

2.  This Picture.

Because it's just that cool.

3.  These Chicks.

Because eventually we will be shopping for some to lay us some eggs.

4.  This Gum.

Because it's from Project 7 and means a lot more than just chewing gum.  They also have mints.

5.  This Certificate.

Because I think it's great they are teaching kids gun safety.  Some adults should take this class.

6.  This Jerky.

Because sometimes it's nice to have on hand.

7.  This Sign.

Because it's funny.

8.  These Eggs.

Because I like that there are more choices now.

9.  This Poster. guess that's one way to get your point across.

10.  This Sticker.

Because I don't really care for these stickers, but this one was the best one yet.

11.  This Quote.

Because I like it.  Source:  Gracious Rain

12.  This Kitty.

Because she's the best!

13.  These Lamas.

Because they are everywhere in the Valley.

14.  This Tree.

Because it made a great mirror image.

15.  This Fire Truck.

Because it was saving a life that day.

16.  This Deed.

Because we helped him and he was grateful.

17.  This Table.

Because Skylar made it look very zen.

18.  This Tulip.

Because it was a late bloomer.

19.  This Root.

Because it was found at the bottom of a flower pot from last year and was pretty cool to find.

20.  This Card.

Because I like the quote on the card and currently it's helping with my green tea and Blue Rebel addiction at the moment.

Eco-Tip:  Make a small change everyday of the year toward a greener lifestyle.  Small changes can lead to big benefits over time.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.

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