Paper neighborhood from The Neighborhood

I've been following The Neighborhood and have enjoyed all of their posts from how to entertain during the summer, to enjoying the sun without consequences, to enjoying the benefits of a great neighborhood.  But recently I have been following their "Build your own Neighborhood" series.  They offer a free printable of a house or business to help build your own paper neighborhood and Skylar and I have had a blast with it.  Here is a snapshot of our paper neighborhood from The Neighborhood.

We pasted the trees to thicker cardboard so they would stand up better.  

We also love our new Paper Neighborhood stamp kit from Paper Neighborhood too.  You can get your hands on a stamp set from Paper Neighborhood for $49.

But you can get the paper neighborhood from The Neighborhood for free via their downloads HERE!

Enjoy your new neighborhood!

Eco-Tip:  When walking your neighborhood be sure and pick up stray litter laying around.  Let's all take pride in where we live and keep it clean.


  1. Forbidden to acces the dowload link. Help please

    1. They seemed to have changed the link. After some research I found a new one! Here you go! Hope this helps.


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