A Father's Day wonderful day

We had a great Father's Day weekend here at our house.  Skylar and I spent the day putting together Father's Day goodies jars for Papa (my dad), Grandpa (Jeff's dad), and John.  Jeff's was a bit different and given to him right away, but the others had to be mailed or driven to the others.  Everyone loved their goodies jars, but John won't get his until he gets here in September.  We waited so we could take it on our trip back to Arkansas and munch on it on the way.

You can make these labels too with the printable through Popsicle Blog HERE!  Or click here to get the PDF file to print right away!  

Jeff got a large spatula as a Father's Day gag gift, but it backfired on Skylar and me because he actually really liked it. Ha!

To this kid, the guy is super dad!

Happy Father's Day!

Eco-Tip:  Remember hand-made gifts go a lot further with appreciation than store bought gifts.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me:  Go Green.

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