Wednesday Walks (5-1-2013)

Our Wednesday walk this week took us on a short little road trip down I5 and over to Corvallis.  We stopped off at a few areas along I5 to take in the views that were just amazing yesterday.  The sun shined all day and it almost felt like summertime was here already.  We also took a short cruise over to Corvallis and stopped off at Jim's Fruit Stand.  There wasn't a lot to pick from yet, but we could already see they were gearing up for a large crop to share with us all very soon.  Overall it was a great day!

I can see a showing of my Rain Lily peeking up through the ground in my front flowerbed too.  Spring has sprung here in Oregon and I can't wait till the heat hits up and we can start having outside time once more.

Wonderful Wednesday walk to take in the spring air and beauty.

Eco-Tip:  When it comes to cleaning don't overlook your indoor air quality.  Indoor air quality can be contaminated five times more than outdoor air (EPA), so with that knowledge be sure and equip your vacuum with a HEPA filter, use an air purifier, and clean with steam or nontoxic cleaners.  For this and other tips for going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.

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