Spark of Loves this Week: Rain, tape, love, boots, umbrellas, chairs, moment, lamp, manicure, and crabs

This Rain.

Because it was on the sunroof of my car one morning and just looked so pretty despite how nasty it was the rest of the day.

This Tape.

Because Scotch has gone a bit greener and I love it!

This Love.

Because she is my reading buddy and loves to love me.

These Boots.

Because they were the cutest, but unfortunately I couldn't find Skylar's size.  :(

These Umbrellas.

Because I just love them.

These Chairs.

Because they are really pretty and so colorful.

This Moment.

Because it was a wonderful moment to witness my son's true personality.  I love him.

This Lamp.

Because I made it and it was fun!  I used the parasol umbrellas and a paper lantern.

This Manicure.

Because from time to time I like to treat myself to something special.

These Crabs.

Because sometimes we just like to watch them crawl around.

Eco-Tip:  Conserve gas and do your errands all at once instead of breaking them up into several different trips.  If you need to pick up the dry cleaning, the kids, and return books to the library, schedule it all at the same time and save gas.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.

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