Spark of Loves this Week: BUSY WEEK! Squash, Glasses, Garage, Screen, Pinterest, Chalkboard, Oops, Pedometer, Doggie, Food, Bag, Tomatoes, Kitty, Soup, Phone, Grass, Candies, Bowl, Search, and Insect

This Squash.

Because I just can't get enough if it lately.

These Glasses.

Because I popped the lenses out of them and he loves to wear them.  I think he looks adorable in them too!

This Garage.

Because it's finally getting cleaned out.

This Screen.

Because it got replaced and Skylar did it all! (with a bit of help)

This Pinterest.

Because my obsession with Pinterest has leaked over to my boy!  I just love his little pins here and there.

This Chalkboard.

Because I took a scrap of wood and made it into the most perfect chalkboard for homeschooling next year.  

This Oops.

Because it was an accident, but Skylar didn't do it.  Jeff did.  :-(

This Pedometer.

Because it's helped me walk more and I try to top my steps the day before.  It's getting fun!

This Doggie.

Because he got a haircut for the season and he feels so much better.

This Food.

Because we did our part in helping Stamp out Hunger.  

This Bag.

Because I have been carrying it around every where lately.

These Tomatoes.

Because they looked too good not to eat.

These Kitty.

Because Meia saw a bird and couldn't take her eyes off of it.  

These Soup.

Because it was easy to make and tasted amazing.  Recipe to come on the blog later.

This Phone.

Because my kid is now part of the cellphone generation of kids.  It makes me sad how fast he is growing up.

This Grass.

Because we grew it in the jar and it was fun to watch the roots move through the dirt.

These Candies.

Because they made my tongue numb after awhile.  I am also glad they are finally gone.

This Bowl.

Because it is my very favorite.

This Search.

Because when DIGG couldn't find my name apparently "Beer" was the next best thing.  Well played Digg, well played.  Ha!

This Insect.

Because green lacewings are pretty neat.  And it was the first time Skylar got to see one.

Eco-Tip:  Be sure when you're spring cleaning to hit the coils of the refrigerator and the vents near your heater and AC.  Clearing the dust will help them preform a lot better and save you a little $$.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.

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