Our garden currently: The tulips are dying off

Since the tulips are dying off it's now time to plant your seed starts into the ground or in planters.  If you waited till the cold temperatures were done, like we did, you are perfectly fine with starting them now.  I always like to wait till I see the tulips dying before I start planting anything at all or even starting anything.

Here in Oregon the weather changes every 15 minutes, so I always like to play it safe.  Most stores have seed starts that you can purchase and not worry with the starting yourself, but starting your own is always fun and it's enjoyment for kids as well.

Here is a quick list of plants that are easy to grow and are a great way to start from seeds.

1.  Beans (Pole, Asparagus and Wax)
2.  Peas   (Sweet or Sugar Snap are a great start)
3.  Gourds (Birdhouse Gourds are fun for kids to grow and harvest) Give yellow squash a try too!
4.  Sunflowers (Any variety will sprout fast and grow tall)
5.  Tomatoes (Tomatoes get a bad reputation for being hard to grow but, they really aren't.  Try varieties like, 'beefsteak', 'Early Girl' or even Cherry tomatoes.

Oregon's constant change in weather.

Skylar and I started planting some of the seeds we had from last year and started getting things going for our garden-to-be.  

We used egg cartons for our planting.  They are not only biodegradable, they also make planting little seeds so much easier.

Skylar had a clever idea on how to use the cut parts of the egg carton.  Cut the closure tab off and turning it around to fit back in the holes the opposite way.  How ingenious, right?  Smart kid!

All of our seed cartons were set out on the kitchen table ready for the seeds.

Skylar and I sorted out what we wanted to plant right away and made another pile for seeds that can go right into the ground.

We labelled them and put them in the sun for a few days.  This coming weekend we will move them outside and let them soak up the sun's rays directly.

Hopefully in the next few weeks we can get our raised beds in order and start our garden soon!

Eco-Tip:  Planting your own seeds and saving them from year to year is a great way to go green and save you some money each year.  Be sure and save enough to have a full garden to support your eating throughout the winter season too.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.

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