Our Garden Currently: And the cleanup begins

Our raised beds took a beating this winter.  They have become overgrown and not very well kept.  It is fully our fault, but we have a plan!  We are going to just start over and actually put down weed barer to prevent this next season.  Although Skylar and I won't be here, it will at least make it good for Jeff when he goes to plant next year.  Here is what they look like so far......

Jeff had to use the weed eater on the beds first.  Yeah, they were that bad!

Our Cosmos are starting to show their pretty little heads.

And Skylar found the littlest snail.  

We decided to remove the beds altogether and flatten out the dirt that was in each bed.  Skylar is the biggest helper ever and loves to get his hands dirty with work.  Makes us proud!

Hopefully in a week or two we will have the garden back on track to where it should be.  

Weeding always goes smoother with a few of these.  Ha!

Eco-Tip:  Instead of buying your fruits, berries, and vegetables this summer consider having a garden.  A small garden, one that just has tomatoes, lettuce, or carrots, can be planted and offer almost zero maintenance throughout the growing season.  If you only have room for one or even two vegetables, start growing!  It will save you money and offer a plentiful supply of food.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.

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