Lebanon Fire District Open House (2013)

Last Saturday, May 4th, the Lebanon Fire District had their annual open house for the public.  This open house is always a blast for us because Jeff is a very active volunteer fire fighter and having a little boy that loves fire trucks and fire engines, we just have to go.  We made a day of it and even got to ride in a fire engine with Jeff driving!



Skylar enjoyed sitting, playing, and even hanging on the fire engines.  

He got to hold one of the fire hoses and pretend he was putting out a fire.  

He even got to try on daddy's fire hat.

The Fire Danger sign showed that it could be a pretty dry and hot summer this year in the Valley.

Jeff was able to be a driver of the fire engine we took a ride in.

Our little pal Conner got to ride with us too!

The fire engine we rode in was E35 with a nickname of "Hoover."

The boys really LOVED it!

The REACH Helicopter was brought in and we got to see how flight rescues work.

Two generations of fire fighters and a "Future" Fire Fighter in training.

Scott (Jeff's Brother), Chester (His Dad), and Jeff.

It was a pretty fun and educational day for us all!  

Thank you to the Lebanon Fire District for allowing the public to see what all it takes to save lives everyday.  

And thank you to Jeffrey Wilkerson and the other men and women of all fire districts and departments, full time and volunteers, that put your own lives in danger to save others.  You are very appreciated!

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