Before and after: Lamp post makeover

My take on a homemade lantern post. 
Total cost:  $35

I've had this lantern for quite awhile and it's been shoved from room to room inside my house, but I always felt like I wasn't giving it the praise it deserved. I picked it up at the local grocery store for $35 when they were closing out the last of their summer inventory around the floral department.

I had an old table post from the restaurant Jeff used to work at when we lived in Arkansas, and it too needed a bit of TLC.  This poor table post has been used from everything from a planter, the middle section to a water fountain (I so wish I had a photo of it), and even a make-shift pole for small table during a party awhile back.  

This post needed a good makeover, so I started thinking about what I could possibly do to give it a new life.

I started with a thought of spray painting it and seeing where things took off from there.

A bit of silver paint and boom, the post was a completely different thing to look at.

I loved how it turned out and the marks on the post made it look even better once the spray paint dried.

I paired the lantern on top of the post and secured it with small screws and viola, it was a whole new item that I can't seem to stop admiring.

The whole project cost less than $40!

I think it looks wonderful on my front stoop and while I was admiring my new creation, I got photo-bombed by the Mr.

Such a fun and great project!  And the best part, during my Brit Kit Co-Op Party I had party-goers admiring it. 

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