Dinner at Creekside Grill

If you live in Oregon, or ever visit Oregon, one of the best places to tour through is Silverton, Oregon.  It's the same location that Silver Creek Falls i located and offers a Monk Monastery, close to the Tulip Festival, and also offers some of the most quaint and downright cool places to eat.  

One of the ones we stopped at recently was the Creekside Grill.  Some restaurants just pick a cool name and go with it, but this restaurant actually sits on top of the Silver Creek therefore gained it's name "Creekside Grill."  

The restaurant is located inside the old Historic Hartman Chevrolet Garage in Silverton, Oregon and offers accommodation for large groups too.  The hallways are made to look like an old western town and this piano was begging to be photographed   

Along side the creek we enjoyed watching Canadian and mallard ducks taking flight from the water from time to time as we ate.  And when Skylar's hamburger came, it was quite a large burger for a little nine-year-old, but he knocked it out.

He was pretty stuffed afterward though.  

If you travel west and find yourself in Silverton, Oregon, give the Creekside Grill a try.  Be sure and ask to sit over the creek though, or it won't be the full experience.  

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