What bathtub crayons will get ya

Along with the box of goodies my mom sent last Thursday from Arkansas, she added in some bathtub fun toys for Skylar.  Things like bath colors bombs, soap crayons, and even some Fun Dip that we used in the bath water as well.  I know my mom didn't intend for the Fun Dip to end up in the bath water, but I have to limit Skylar's sugar intake around this time of year, so the Fun Dip was used as bath color instead of coloring my son's insides.  :-)

We put the Fun Dip in our bath water, but here are a few other ideas that involve Fun Dip.

Along with all the bath coloring, I wasn't aware of how creative my child can be with bath crayons.  I knew he had a creative side to him, but his art on the wall of the bathroom was amazing.  Paint me proud!

I just love it!  What a nice, cheery image to see when showering in the mornings.  

Eco-Tip:  Here in Oregon slugs are all over, but not so much a nuisance to us as to others.  I hear all sorts of horror stories about people keeping a jar with salt water and dropping them in as they garden.  Sad.  So instead of killing them inhumanely why not use natural slug and snail control with oranges, coffee, and/or crushed egg shells around the bottom of the plants.  For this and other tips on living green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.

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