That's so Pinteresting: What's popular on Pinterest this week (2)

Pinterest is amazing, you can find pretty much anything you are seeking.  From kids' party ideas, to DIY crafts and everything in between.  I love Pinterest and I love how organized it keeps everything that I am interested in.  I just make a board of the topic and then start pinning everything I can find.  Most importantly, Pinterest is a great way to promote your products, website, blog, or even brand. Below is a snippet of some of my Pin Boards and what I am looking at this past week.

With the ease of use from Pinterest to be able to organize your bookmarks rather than being on your computer, every week there is a slew of popularity from certain pins.  Here are the ones I found to be popular this week.

Giant Ice Cube Game for Kids

Kid games on Pinterest are amazing.  There are so many blogs that are pinned on Pinterest with so many ideas on how to keep your kids entertained.  This frozen block with small toys is the one that's been pinned that most and it's a super simple, and easy game to do.

Find more kids' game ideas HERE!

Polka Dots

Polka Dots seem to be a popular items at the moment.  I have seen so many different things pinned with polka dots on them and due to those pins, I find myself drawn more to polka dots now too.  All of the images below come from Etsy shops.  To find the shop exactly look to the "source" link below the image.

Chalk Board Paint Crafts

Chalk board paint is something that's been around for quite some time, but now due to Pinterest, everyone has brought about their own creative takes on how to use it.  Here are a few pins that have gained some grand attention all over the world wide web.

Left:  Source                                                       Right:  Source

Feather Earrings

Left:  Source                                                               Right:  Source

Washi Tape

Find all the wonderful Washi Tape DIY pins on Pinterest HERE!

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