Taking down the rainbow window

As you remember on St. Patrick's Day, we created a rainbow window with cellophane and dish soap.

The rainbow window stayed up clear past "OUR" northwest spring break and we got a lot of people commenting on it, loving it, admiring it, and even stopping in front of our home to snap photos of it.  The window was a ton of fun, but all good things must come to an end come down.  Unfortunately.  :-(

We all pitched in to peel the colors off the window and they piled on the floor in a colorful pile.  It was almost like a small pile of multicolored leaves when we were done peeling.

That my son had to walk through, of course.

And play in, of course.


What a colorful mess. But it was fun and we were all a little sad when it was gone.  

FYI:  If you do this project and use red, be sure and remove the cellophane with warm soapy water, but if you just peel it off like we did, you can still remove the color left from the cellophane with warm, soapy water as well.

Find the full step-by-step project instructions HERE!

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