Spark of Loves this Week: Sign, Turkey, Woodpecker, Podracer, Jewelry, Marshmallows, Bread, Note, Feet, and Item

This Sign.

Because I think southern hospitality can be found in the north too.  It all depends on the person, not the place.  

This Turkey.

Because Skylar drew it on my phone and I just found it this week.  Pardoned turkeys on Thanksgiving are probably very thankful.  

This Woodpecker.

Because he pecked and pecked at the tree in front of my house until I was out of bed.  Nature's Alarm Clock it would seem.

This Podracer.

Because Skylar wants it so bad, but since we are moving I won't buy it.  My motto right now is, nothing new gets brought into the house that's larger than a notebook.  It will be his reward once we move.  Shhhhh.  :-)

This Jewelry.

I've started making jewelry again.  I am under the business name of The Peppermint Bee now.  BeeSpa sold for $1,000 last year, so I have began the hobby once more.  Find me HERE and HERE after I get things going again.

These Marshmallows.

Because they are AMAZING on a S'more!

This Bread.

Because I baked it and I can't stop eating it!

This Note.

Because my son is a sweetheart and he really goes out of his way to think of other people.  This note was to his main third grade teacher and he also wrote a note to another teacher that he has been having conflict with this year.  Her teaching style doesn't suit my son, but he wanted to show her that she is still appreciated.

These Feet.

Because he wore them out and about when I was running errands and I couldn't help by laugh.  

This Item.

Because it's a reusable menstrual pad and it not as bad as you might think.  It's a great tool in living a greener lifestyle.  I got this one at my local farmers' co-op, but you can get one HERE.

Eco-Tip:  Earth Day is coming up on April 22, instead of just observing this day on one day, why not observe Earth Day all year long.  Recycle everyday, reuse everyday, re purpose everyday, and appreciate what mother earth has provided for us.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.

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