Spark of Loves this Week: Package, Oil, Sign, Cat, Drink, Sucker, Skyline, Curd, Tickets, and Alert

This Package.

Because I thought it was the neatest thing.

This Oil.

Because I have been dipping more and more into essential oil therapy and it's working.

This Sign.

Because it made me laugh.

This Cat.

Because I love her and Skylar took this picture with his video camera.  Double treat.

This Drink.

Because my allergies have been giving me fits and I've been experimenting with different all-natural, holistic cures. 

This Sucker.

Because it's in the shape of a Christmas tree and it was tasty.  Find them HERE!

This Skyline.

Because watching the rain come is really rather pretty.

This Curd.

Because cheese curds are so good!

These Tickets.

Because Chamber Dollars are fun!

This Alert.

Because I wish it was in our yard!

Eco-Tip:  When washing your car this season look to chemical-free soap cleaners and waxes.  Look to castile soaps and essential oil.  Adding a bit of peppermint essential oil (Mentha piperita) will allow a pleasant scent while you wash your car and help combat stubborn road grit as well.  Consider washing your car on top of your lawn too.  The lawn will get the water run off and it will help keep cleaners out of the storm drains too.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.

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