Spark of Loves this Week: Bag, Box, Gift, Toy, Powder, Birds, Setup, Flower, Light, and Picture

This Bag.

Because my mom sent it to Jeff and it was a great gift for him while watching his March Madness.  He loved it!

This Box.

This Gift.

Because it came from Namaw in Arkansas and it's the perfect addition to Skylar's video-taking and Youtube   adventures.

This Toy.

Because it came from Namaw along with the camera and it's really a neat toy to watch in the dark.  Get your own HERE!

This Powder.

Because we all love it, and I love the smell.  I dropped it a few mornings back and it landed perfectly on the floor to make the powder dots.

These Birds.

Because I get to add them to my bird tree this Christmas.

This Setup.

Because I am a bit electronic power hungry at times.

This Flower.

Because it was fun to make on the top of Skylar's finger.  He ate it up!

This Light.

Because I made it and I have had more comments on it than I expected.

This Picture.

Because being mommy's taste-tester at dinner is a full time job.  :-)

Eco-Tip:  When taking trips into town, or around town running errands try to group your trips into just one outing.  You will end up saving money and carbon emissions by just knocking out several trips into one.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.

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