Spark of Love this Week: Steak, Posters, View, Picture, Boots, Image, Beer, Cider, Pictures, and Doggie

This Steak.

Because it looked like a sea horse to me.

These Posters.

Because they speak the truth.

This View.

Because the sun made the lake seem so scene.

This Picture.

Because we like to have fun.

These Boots.

Because they have been my go-to boots this winter.

These Image.

Because this little boy makes my whole world seem better every day.

This Beer.

Because Dead Guy Ale is a good microbrew.

This Cider.

Because when it was heated up it made my scratchy throat feel a lot better.

This Picture.

Because when I went back on my camera to clear the memory card of photos, it was still on there and it was the first picture I took with my Nikon camera when I bought it last year.

This Doggie.

Because he really is a cute little PITA........When he wants to be.  :-)

Eco-Tip:  Go green on Earth Day with your work routine.  Carpool, bike, or if you live close enough to your job walk there and back on Earth Day.  If you enjoyed one day of walking, biking, or taking public transportation consider incorporating it into your work routine more than once a year.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.

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