Our Easter 2013/ Easter Baseball

Our Easter was great last weekend.  We repeated the Easter Baseball game again and it was super fun!  We also had a quick Easter dinner with ham, potatoes, corn, sweet rolls, and of course deviled eggs.  We woke up to Skylar finding his Easter Basket and had a great Easter Sunday breakfast to start the day to.  We started the ham and went outside for the annual Easter baseball game (which is the highlight of our Easter celebration each year).  Here's a highlight of our Easter.

Skylar first got to open the box with his Easter basket from Namaw and Pawpa in Arkansas, that came on Thursday.  I LOVE the Razorback basket!  What a fun way to bring Arkansas into our home for Easter!

On Saturday Skylar had a little pal over for a little game of baseball with confetti eggs.  And sidewalk drawings.

They aren't the same as the hard-boiled ones we use for our Easter Baseball Game, but the kids still had fun hitting them with the bat.

Of course the confetti eggs we used were a gift from my mom, but you can actually make these yourself.  I'll show the tutorial on that later on the blog.  So stay tuned!

On Sunday, we woke up and had Sunday brunch for Easter, which is our normal routine, but I made bunny-eared pancakes.  Unfortunately, due to my untimely planning, my camera battery died before I could snap a picture, and Skylar ate his cakes before I thought to grab my cellphone.  But here is the tutorial that I followed from Muffin Tin Mom.  They are so easy to make and super cute!

We saw the Easter bunny too!

And Skylar found his Easter basket, of course.


And then we dyed Easter eggs.  Of course Skylar is getting bigger, so it's less messy.  And the best part, he is very creative with his egg coloring too!

Then an egg hunt through the yard.  Having only one child, he seems to dominate most of my photos, you see.  :-)



Then it was time for our Easter Baseball game for 2013!

We started with 5 dozen eggs........

Everyone got their game face on.......

And the hitting began.  

I have a confession.....in the years we have been doing this, I have secretly slipped raw eggs into the batch as well.  That is my way of saying Happy Easter to my family.  Ha!

Jeff hit three at once and egg went all over his face.

Skylar decided to hide......ha!

The poor baseball bat was covered.

After the Easter baseball it always comes down to smearing each other with eggs......Every time!  Ha!

Hope your Easter was just as great and fun!
See photos of the Easter Egg Baseball Game HERE!

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