Happy Earth Day

Today is Earth Day and it's one of my favorite times of the year.  Earth Day is a great day to start a spring cleaning of your habits that aren't good for the planet or yourself.  I like to use this time to revamp the way I think and the way I do things from the previous 12 months and make a complete overhaul of my thinking and habits for the good of the planet and myself.  

Last year I started adding green books to my book shelf and while doing that I found that most of the eco-friendly, planet-happy books were actually based on all the same thing, living better for the planet.  The last few weeks I add two more books to my shelf and in lieu of Earth Day here is my 2013 Green List of Books to add to your shelf as well.

South North South 2013 Green List of Books

1.  Organic Housekeeping by Ellen Sandbeck:  Longing for a kinder, gentler world? As the old saying goes, everything begins at home, and odds are, if you live in the all-American household, the air inside is more toxic than the air outside, even if you live in the most polluted of cities. You regularly handle the filthiest object in your home -- the kitchen sponge -- and put the same chemicals on your face that are used in brake fluid and antifreeze.  Buy your copy HERE!

2.  Super Natural Home by Beth Greer:  The straightforward, solutions-based approach of Super Natural Home—complete with quizzes to help identify and correct potential toxic hot zones—speaks directly to what environment-conscious consumers really need: ultra-practical advice on what they can do right now to limit exposure to the poisons that are endangering them and their children. At a time when impeccable scientific research points to an alarming correlation between common chemical compounds and cancers, allergies, psychiatric disorders, and birth defects, among other serious health concerns, Super Natural Home gives consumers the tools to start protecting themselves and their families.  Buy our copy HERE!

3.  Green Living by Environmental Magazine (E Magazine):  With advice on everything from planet-friendly cosmetics to home-based renewable energy, and straight talk on hemp, hybrids and hair coloring, Green Living is the ideal reference for both the neophyte and the experienced environmentalist.  Buy your copy HERE!  Find out more about E Magazine HERE!

4. Complete Guide to Natural Home Remedies by National Geographic:  Peppermint, lemon juice, rosemary, and turmeric. Yoga, deep breathing, meditation, and social engagement. From herbs and foods to bodywork and lifetime habits, along with ginger, pomegranate, acupressure, and more. These are the healing ways of yesteryear, and they still work today. Now they join forces in this beautiful, practical book, packed with the power of nature and the ease of finding remedies on hand.  Buy your copy HERE!   

5.  Rodale's Ultimate Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening by Fern Marshall Bradley, Barbara W. Ellis, and Ellen Phillips:  Rodale's Ultimate Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening has been the go-to resource for gardeners for more than 50 years—and the best tool novices can buy to start applying organic methods to their fruit and vegetable crops, herbs, trees and shrubs, perennials, annuals, and lawns. This thoroughly revised and updated version highlights new organic pest controls, new fertilizer products, improved gardening techniques, the latest organic soil practices, and new trends in garden design.  Buy your copy HERE!

And don't forget to plant a tree today to honor our dear Mother Earth!

To read more about what you can do to observe Earth Day read more from my Examiner.com pages at Oregon Green Living Examiner and Little Rock Green Living Examiner.   And be sure to notice the Eco-Tips at the bottom of each post here at South North South to help you go green and live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Eco-Tip:  Today is Earth Day, go green in a more subtle way by simply beginning a recycling habit within your own home.  Small changes can lead to big benefits over time.  For this and other tips on going green visit The Earth and Me Go Green.


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