Getting to the heart of the matter

I recently placed a candle in my bathroom and had it lit last night while I folded clothes in the laundry room next door.  The scent was amazing and I couldn't help but get lost in thought.  My thoughts took me all over the place.  Thoughts about my move in September, my choices I've made so far in life, my wonderful son and how happy he makes me every day, thoughts about his dad and how I wish the very best for him when we are gone, thoughts about Oregon, Arkansas, and every state in between while we are apart.  Thoughts about my yoga practice and training and where I want to be in two years with it.  Thoughts about all the trauma from my past and events of pain I have made peace with.  My thoughts are really my driving force behind my sanity and if it wasn't for thinking things through completely, I don't think I would be where I am now.  

As I was lost in thought and folding the last towel from the dryer, I stepped into the bathroom to envelope myself in the pleasant aroma and glanced over to the little red box I have in the corner with magazines in it and saw this.....


How wonderful is that?  When I saw it I was reminded of a thought voiced during yogic practices, "BE PRESENT."  There is nothing more calming than the thought of being present at that very moment.  It's a Zen practice that comes with ease and simplicity when practiced over and over.  Being present is nothing more than focusing on what's the task at hand and letting go of, but learning from what we have already encountered and what we will soon face.  But not spending too much time on what will come.  Prepare and move back to present.

What a great image to see during the moment of thoughts.  

It was almost a sign to me that everything is okay and will be okay.  It was a comfort.

Do you find comfort in simple things that would otherwise be overlooked by some?  

To learn more ways on helping you stay focused and being present visit my Yoga page over at Dairy of a Yogi.  I'd love to have ya!

Here is the candles I have been burning lately in my own home.

Rosemary Source                                         Sage Source

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