Down comes the big pine tree

The big pine tree in the backyard of our Hiatt house came down on Saturday morning.  We were a bit sad to see it go, but the feelings we have for the tree are a little bitter sweet.  Te pine needles were always a mess and the tree had gotten too big for the area where it was growing.  The roots pushing through the ground and the limbs hanging too close to wires and power cords that went to the house.  The neighbor was glad to see it cut down as well.  I am just glad it was cut down before Earth Day.

The limbs of tall pine was close to power and cable lines and the roof of the garage was always an issue with limbs and TONS of pine needles.

The tree cutters showed up last Saturday to take it down and it took them all of  5 hours to do.  



And the last limb comes down.

From what we can tell the tree was about 38-45 years old.......

Eco-Tip:  When cutting a tree down try to use all parts of the tree for other purposes.  Stumps and logs can be used for fire, or cut into cutting boards, stools, or even small tables.  For this and other tips visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.

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