Tractor cake fun

We decided to make a cake.  A tractor cake, to be exact.  The cast aluminum cake pan (From Nordic Ware) we've had for quite some time, but never used it.  Well yesterday we decided to give it a go.  

We went with a strawberry cake instead of chocolate, or white just to mix it up a bit and make it a different sort of tractor.  Skylar loves strawberries, so it suited.

It baked quite nice......

So the image shows a chocolate cake with nice icing lines around the cake.  That design may be nice for some, but we like to go big with stuff, so we make the cake pop with color.
  Nothing like Black Icing, haha!

Not quite the same as the photo, but I like our version better.  Don't you?

I even used edible gold stars for the headlights of the tractor.

It was a big hit in our house.

As you can see.  :-)

Eco-Tip:  Try to use organic ingredients when you can.  Organic foods are better for the environment and for your body overall.  Make sure when shopping for organic foods look for the USDA labeling on whether the item is organic or not.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.


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  1. HOW CUTE! I never knew there was something out there like that. thanks for sharing.