Spark of Loves this Week: Skyline, Shoes, Stairs, Book, Account, Tattoo, Tip, Crackers, Scratch-Its, and Kindle

This Skyline.

Because, even though Oregon gets a lot of rain, we get a lot of rainbows and pretty skylines after the rain, too.  Pink sky at night, sailor's delight.

These Shoes.

Because I'm not really a CROCS wearer, but the styles they have now are really comfortable.  

 These Stairs.

Because Skylar was terrified to use them, but soon he was riding them up to the next level at Macy's.  He says he still would rather use the regular stairs over the escalator.  I told him, overall it's a great choice!

This Star Wars Book.

Because it's one of the neatest popup books I have ever seen.  We love popup books in our house!

This Account.

Because my baby now has his own savings account.  He puts his allowance in it from time-to-time and loves to go to the bank to deposit money.  Paint me proud!

This Tattoo.

Because Star Wars is a big deal in our house and anything Star Wars gets put to good use.

This Tip.

Because I thought it was such a great tip to read on a package of snacks.  I just wish more companies would follow the lead.

These Crackers.

Because they are super fun no matter what time of year!  This one had a pair of clippers in it, but the others contained flashlights, small tools, and even a bottle opener in one.  So fun!

These Scratch-Its.

Because I bought a bunch around Christmas and found a few here recently, that I didn't give away or scratch.  I think they are super cute and one of the scratch-its I won $25.  So funny!

Random Photo of the Week:

This photo was taken around the time we were going to purchase Skylar his Kindle Fire.  We let him play around on one at Staples to see if it would be a good fit.  He loved it.  He has now had his Kindle Fire for about 2 years, and it was a great purchase.  He has used it for school work, looking up information, and even a few math games that have helped him get better with subtracting and multiplication.  

Eco-Tip:  Set up a recycling station in your own home.  Three cans placed near or conveniently to collect glass, metal, and plastic can help cut down on the amount of trash that comes out of your home.  If your state doesn't pay for returned recycling, make a monthly trip to the recycle center with your three containers.  If your state does offer pay back, make it a weekly trip depending on how much waste your family gains.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.

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