Spark of Loves this Week: Reward, Car, Meal, Date, Outing, Number, Fields, Restaurant, Covers, and Camera

This Reward.

Because 15/15 is pretty dang good and he deserved a reward from the local ice cream shop here in town called Lime Berry.

This Car.

Because keeping Herby alive is pretty cool.

This Meal.

Because I love chicken and dumplings, and I love Rosemary Chicken and Dumplings even more.  Recipe to come soon on the blog!

This Date.

Because this dinner date was the best!  

This Outing.

Because we rocked it!

This Number.

Because my car rolled over to 150,000 and it made me sad.  

These Fields.

Because I just love the fields of sheep here in the Willamette Valley.

This Restaurant.

Because Big Town Hero has the best sandwiches and I will miss them when we move.
These Covers.

Because they were given to me to protect my eyes when I tanned.  I tan about 6 times before the end of Spring just to give myself some sun and help beat the winter blues each year.  

This Camera.

Because it helps me to take better photos.  And it has become "my precious."

Eco-Tip:  Try not to waste paper in any way.  Print on both sides of the page and use paper that would otherwise be wasted as scratch paper or cut into note size to jot down quick notes when needed.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.

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  1. Looks like such an enjoyable week. That chicken and dumpling dish looks amazing! Can't wait to get the recipe


  2. Thanks Karen! It was a great week, thanks for stopping by. The recipe will be up in a couple of weeks and it is tasty!


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