Spark of Loves this Week: Receipt, Picture, Slugs, Milkshake, Bag, Bread, Kitty, Finger, Package, Computer

This Receipt.

Because it is from Burgerville and it breaks down everything you purchase and makes you aware of the calories you consume.

This Picture.

Because my son loves lemons and limes and eats them like crazy. 

These Slugs.

Because having a little boy there's never a dull moment when it comes to bugs, slugs, and other slimy thugs.

This Milkshake.

Because he deserved it.

This Bag.

Because with jewelry making I seem to always be left with odds and ends and soon my new store will be up and running.

This Bread.

Because it was fun to make and my little helper was just that, a big help!

This Kitty.

Because my little Meia turns 13 this year and she still acts like a little kitten at times.

This Finger.

Because according to my kid, it's the "dirty" finger. Ha!

This Package.

Because it came from my mom all the way from Arkansas and was such a great surprise.  If you get a minute, check out the Okie Art Shack. Lots of great vintage items for sale! 

This Computer.

Because my Compaq desktop finally needed to be upgraded.  I've always been a Compaq customer, but this time I went with a Toshiba.  And I have always been a desktop person too, and I have finally moved into the modern world and have myself a laptop now.  It's one more step into living a greener lifestyle for me, as well. I love it!  

Eco-Tip:  Unless your laundry is very soiled, always try to wash it in cold water.  The amount of hot water wasted on laundry that doesn't need to be washed in hot or warm water is waste that can be cut down on year after year if cold water is used.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.

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