Spark of Loves this Week: Beans, Bag, Web, Sign, Pixels, Brew, Picture, Sticker, Poppers, and Box

These Beans.

Because Skylar cracked me up when he came back to the table with this large plate of baked beans.  He ate every one of them too.

This Bag.

Because it seems to pass through my family during Christmas from one person to the next with some sort of gift in it.  I was the lucky one to get it this year.  Can't wait till next Christmas to add it back to the rotation.

These Spider Webs.

Because the frost that hits Oregon in the morning makes the webs really stand out.  And makes them look so pretty, don't you think?

This Sign.

Because the neighbor cats seem to irritate Jeff's dad, so instead of the "Curb your Dogs" I gave him a "Curb your Cat" sign.  Ha!

These Pixels.

Because Skylar, as a Storm Trooper looks better in pixels.  :-)

This Micro Brew.

Because New Belgium Brewing is one of my favorite Micro Beer Breweries.

This Picture.
Because the TV is in the floor and you can stand on it.  How cool is that?

This Bumper Sticker.

Because it made me laugh.  

These Poppers.

Because since New Year's I have bought them every time I've seen them.  They are my go-to fun for every get-together and holiday celebration.  I just love them right now.  And did you know, you can make your own?  Check it out HERE!

This Box.

Because Origami is a load of fun.  Here's a few fun Origami crafts you can try, HERE!

Eco-Tip:  Consider buying a high efficiency model dish washer so you don't have to rinse your dishes before putting them in the dish washer.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.

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