Quick Tips 107: Things you can't go without knowing

1.  Using a potato Peeler to get thin slices on an onion.  Extra tip:  Supposedly hanging a piece of bread from your mouth when chopping an onion will cut down on the tears that flow.  

2.  Cut down the dust on ceilings and crown molding with a dust cloth attached to your broom.

3.  Place a flashlight near your electrical outlet box when the power goes out from a tripped breaker.  Use a giant magnet glued to the back to secure it to the outside of the metal outlet box.

4.  Use a pillbox for storing buttons and/or other craft and sewing supplies.

5.  Use coarse salt and a sponge to clean off cast iron skillets.  Using dish soap or any other solvents can eat away, if not remove completely, your coating and seasoning from your cast iron.  The cleaning method with the coarse salt helps keep the cast iron cooking the way it should.

6.  Use pipe insulation to store extension cords when not in use.

7.  Use Velcro Dots to keep drawer organizers in one spot and not have them slide around when the drawer is opened and closed.

9.  Use your riding lawnmower as a snow plow.  Bob Villa shows you how HERE!

10.  Use clothes pins as towel holders.  This would be a great tip to use in a pool house or during a pool party.  Large clothes pins to hold the towels and keep them off the ground or floor.

Eco-Tip:  Stop idling in your car when stopped.  Unless at a red light, don't allow your car to idle while waiting on someone, or loading and unloading your car.  The emissions let out by your car can have great effects on the planet over time and it also wastes gas.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.


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