Papa Murphy's Mini Murph

Here in the Willamette Valley we have the best kept secret around......or so I thought.  I have recently learned that there is Papa Murphy's moving into the southern part of the US now.  I am actually pretty happy about that due to how addicting their pizza is.  

Papa Murphy's is one of the best tasting pizzas due to their fresh ingredients and being able to take home the pizza and bake it in your own oven.  We get pizza almost every Friday nights and this past Friday we did our normal routine and were introduced to a "kid-sized" pizza called a Mini Murph.

The Mini Murph is a small, single-sized pizza, just like the large, but in a petite size that is suited for kids.  They get all the toppings, sauces, and even a small Papa Murphy's tattoo.  

Of course, after seeing this, we just had to get it.  They are priced at $5 each and after we gave it a shot, these little pizzas would be so fun for kid's parties or play dates.

We started by unwrapping the dough and pressing it into the bottom of the baking dish that was provided with the kit.

Then covered it in the pizza sauce.

Added cheese......

Added pepperonis......

Topped it with the remaining cheese......

Ate a few pieces.....

Wrapped it up as if it was coming from Papa Murphy's while the oven heated up.

Baked it.....

Then ate it!  And applied the pizza chef tattoo.

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