Melted Crayon Art

I have seen this technique A LOT on Pinterest boards, but never tried it myself.  But recently we have been wanting to dip our crafting hands into this neat art and just to our luck we received the tools from Namaw in Arkansas.

Some of the ones I have seen on Pinterest boards are incredible.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Left:  Source                                         Right:  Source

After seeing all of these pretty crayon crafts we decided to give it a try with our gifts from Namaw.  It was quite an easy craft and to be honest with you, it was a ton of fun too!

I wasn't aware that Crayola came out with their own version of the art craft until my mom sent the canvas and the crayons.  All I had to do was glue the Crayola crayons onto the canvas and hit it with a hair dryer.

The pack came with some color coordinated crayons with some funny names like, Sundae Slide, Streamin' Green, Lime Slime, and Oozie Smoothie.  These particular crayons are specially made for this craft, so they melt a bit faster than normal crayons.

We dumped all the crayons out and Skylar got to pick out his favorites.

I then hot glued them onto the canvas sheet one at a time.  Most of the crayon art I've seen has been color coordinated, or ombré, but we loved the colors mixed.  

After hot gluing them to the canvas, we set up a backdrop to begin heating them up.

We started hitting them with high heat at first, then switched to low heat so the wax wouldn't splatter all over.

They began melting after 5 minutes of blowing them with hot air.

We let Skylar take over after that.  He loved the colors pouring out of the wrappers and it was such joy to hear him laughing so hard.

Our Crayola crayon craft was such a great success and I plan on framing his art and hanging it in his room soon.  You can get your own supplies for this craft by visiting the Crayola Shop HERE!  And don't forget to check out the other Crayola products at the bottom of this post.

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