What was popular on Pinterest this week?

During the week I find Pinterest "pinning" quite relaxing.  Finding ideas for crafts, home schooling, children's clothing, women's styles, and even pins for lavender, rosemary, pom poms, and even decorating ideas that I never thought to dive into within my own home.  I find that even if I don't get to a craft, or decorating idea right away, it's nice to pin it for a later use on a rainy day here in Oregon.  Which is quite often here this time of year, I might add.  With all of these pins, I decided to add a weekly perk to my blog posts with "What was popular on Pinterest this week?"  So with all the pins I looked through this week here is what I found that was rather popular.

Spikes are in:

Spikes seem to be appearing on everything from shoes, to shoulder pads lately.  All of these styles below are from Threadsense, but many other companies are getting into the spiked crazy too!  Could you see yourself wearing these?

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Super Bowl Party Foods:

Football Tags for your beverages:  These are super easy to made and with the step-by-step tutorial from Scrappin Danielle you'll be making them with a snap.  

Football Truffles:  These are made with simple ingredients and as soon as you see how easy they are to make you'll be wondering why you haven't made them for every occasion.

Football Rice Krispie Treats:  This is a game day twist on an old classic.  Rice Krispies have been around since I was a kid and it's nice to still see them making an appearance other than when used on the Cake Boss hidden under modeling chocolate or Fondant.

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Paint Chip Crafts:

Paint Chip Chandelier:  This is amazing!  Simple idea put to work for an elegant craft.  It really is amazing what some people come up with when they just sit back and think about things and use their creativity.  I love it!

Paint Chip Favor Boxes:  I love giving handmade gifts and to be able to give them in a handmade box makes it even more amazing.  These little boxes are so fun to make and all it requires is cutting and folding.  Super easy, right?

Paint Chip Utensil Holder:  How clever is this?  Super neat and so creative.  These would work perfectly for a child's birthday party, or just an everyday lunch setting at work or in the park.  I can't wait to give this paint chip craft a go!

Paint Chip Garland:  I have just falling in love with Brit+Co lately.  From their Brit Kits to their modern, innovations to help everyone live a better, and easier life.  These Paint Chip Garlands are the sweetest and so super fun to make too.

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Football Nail:

Football nails are all the rage right now all over Pinterest mainly because the Superbowl is on Sunday.  If you are looking to have a Superbowl Party, don't forget to put your Superbowl Nails on.  :-)

Field Goal Nails:  These seem quite easy to do with a simple green and brown nail and a white for the details.  They are super cute and give your nails that touch they need for any party or hosting of a party this weekend.

The Main Event Football Nails:  So of course the main event is the football regardless of the teams that go to the Superbowl and what better way to display the main event than with these nails.  Simple, yet makes a statement, don't you think?

Team "At Home" Cheerleader Nail Art:  Whether you are backing the Ravens or the 49ers, painting your nails your team colors will give you a head start on the rest of the fans.  These nails colors and art are easy to do and won't do anything more than show your team spirit.

Find more Super Bowl nail ideas HERE!

And don't forget the spiked nails!

What did you find popular on Pinterest that you loved?  

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