Spark of Loves this Week: Earrings, Cereal, Downton, Coats, Wellingtons, Envelope, Display, Web, Peppermint, and Star

These Earrings.

Because they are part of the new collection that is now The Peppermint Bee.  I recently sold BeeSpa and at first I was sad, but I see it as a very wise business move indeed.  I can't wait to showcase the new collection on the website HERE soon.  Stay tuned!  The earrings shown are for sale currently for $8 and are called Cotton Candy Earrings.  If you'd like a pair now, shoot me an email at and let me know.  :-)

This Cereal.
Because it's the first time I've found a cereal that actually stands by what it claims on the box.

This Bracelet.

Because it's from the 20s' and is the first start to my Downton Abbey collection I have started.

This Dog Coat.

It's the best dog coat I have found for little PITA.  I also caught them on sale and snagged another for the old grouch BAZ too.  Too bad they don't have them for cats.  

These Wellington Rubbers.

Because I got them on sale and I LOVE them immensely!

This Envelope.

Because I love seeing companies doing their part to be more green and eco-friendly.

These Displays.

Because they hang in a local restaurant and I love seeing them when we eat there.  It's always nice to see places supporting local teams.    Go Ducks!  

This Spider Web.
Because for the last few days, it's been a pretty sight to see.

This Peppermint.

Because Sonic really does have the best peppermints for after your meal.  Unlike some restaurants that serve cinnamon.  Blah!

This Star.

Because, anyone that knows me well knows I LOVE Macy's!

Eco-Tip:  Water is a valuable resource on our planet and as the years go on less and less, drinkable water is available   Water saving is at an all time high and you can do your part within your own home by turning water off and only running it when needed.  To calculate how much water your household uses visit the Water Calculator and find your percentage.  For this and other tips on going green visit, The Earth and Me Go Green.

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