How we spent our Valentine's Day

Our February 14th this year was great!  We had a fun day doing crafts, eating candy (of course), and spending the day doing fun activities together.  I spent the day at Skylar's school for his Valentine's Day party and then later that night we came home and did a few crafts for the day and incorporated some Valentine's activities into our night.  Here is a recap of our February 14th.....

The night before Valentine's Day, Skylar and I sat up and finished his classroom Valentine's for his classmates.  We went with a handmade Valentine this year because I've been a bit crafty lately.  Here is what we did.

We used Yummy Earth Organic Suckers to start with.

These are such a great alternative to the chemical and sugar-laden candy that the children already get throughout the Valentine's party at their school.  I hope the other parents appreciate the change.

We then cut out pink hearts from the pink construction paper we purchased at Michael's and my intention was to draw a little bee on the heart, but while at Michael's I found the cut honeybee stickers and they worked wonderfully.

We then wrote "MINE" under the honeybee and glued the suckers to the back of the hearts.

We loved the way they turned out and the kids loves them even more.  Such a great handmade Valentine to share with the kids in Skylar's class!

Speaking of Valentine's, I think Skylar racked up pretty well throughout the school house.  From his classroom Valentine's, and cards that were mailed to him from family, to his friendship Valentine's given to him from kids not in his class, the love was shared with him quite well.  We even got a Valentine card from Uncle Will and Aunt Kayla all the way from Arkansas!

 Pioneer School did Val-o-Grams for the kids to be able to send some Valentine's to their favorite teachers and friends too.  I sent Skylar 3 of the one below.  I just couldn't resist, they were super cute and we love mustaches! 

To add to our Valentine decor, back in January with my Brit Kit that came for the first of the year, I had a 15% off card in the kit for a purchase at Minted.  My bunting came in the day before Valentine's Day and I was so excited to be able to hang it with our decor.  It looks amazing and if you haven't used Minted, I highly recommend them!

I think the bunting looks absolutely wonderful!


Along with our bunting and Valentine's, we crafted a holiday wreath.

The LOVE and the HEART are all made by hand with red pipe cleaners.  Stay tuned for that tutorial because they were super fun to made and too cute not to share.

We also made some LOVE leaves to go with our Valentine's Day decor this year too.

All it took was some fallen leaves we collected this past fall and a white Elmer's Paint Pen.

We also painted out pumpkin that has lasted since October 20th!  Can you believe that?  

Unfortunately, 2 days after Valentine's Day, our trusty pumpkin started to show signs of rot.  We were very sad to see it go.  Skylar cried, but after a quick pep talk that October will come again and we will soon have more, he felt a little better.  I think.  :-(


I got a nice surprise in my car Valentine's Day morning.  It was the best Valentine I got!

The LOVE sign stays up all year in our house, but it looked particularly grand the morning of Valentine's Day!  I do hope your day was full of love like mine was!



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