Did you celebrate National Backwards Day yesterday?

Here in our house we love it with National Backwards Day fever hit us.  Mainly because it's an excuse to do silly things outside the norm of our routine.  Here is what we did yesterday......

Parked the car backwards in the driveway and in the parking lot at the grocery store.

I got photo-bombed in one of the photos, as you can see.  Ha!

Wore our shirts backwards.

And Skylar tried to put his shoes on backwards, but it wasn't working.  haha!

Walked backwards to the "BACK" door.

We just had a lot of fun with it.  We tried to eat our dinner sitting backwards in the chair.  The sitting part worked, but the eating backwards was hard.  We wrote our names backwards, and even Skylar had the idea to sleep backwards in his bed.  Ha!

..........And said, "Yadsdrawkcablanoitanyppah to ya" to everyone we talked to!

What did you do to celebrate National Backwards Day?

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