A frozen time here in Oregon

For the past few weeks freezing temperatures have hit Oregon and caused quite an icy time.  But through the course of the winter season, the temperatures have come up a bit and, believe it or not, I have seen the sun crest through the clouds a time or two lately.  I am really looking forward to spring, but according to , we are in for six more weeks of winter here on the Pacific Coast.

The birdbath was the most interesting frozen item throughout the yard.

...As you can see.  

Skylar had a sleepover during the time the temperature dipped down into the teens.  They all had fun breaking up the frozen ice along the walkway.

Everything was frozen and almost resembled an ice castle.  Even the water droplets on the grass were frozen.

And unfortunately, after the sleepover pals left Skylar game down with strep-throat.  What a bummer.  :-(

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