Spark of Loves this Week: Book, Cat, Tulip, Pancake, Sign, Yoda, Lamp, Booth, TV, OM

This Life Saver Christmas Book.

Because I used to get them as a kid "from Santa" and now I give them to my own son.  It's a cute little memory that I like to hang onto.

This Neighborhood Cat.

Because he is super sweet and we nicknamed him Mr. Pierce.

This Little, Red Tulip.

Because it's the only one that grows in the front flowerbed and I love when it makes an appearance every year.

This Baseball-Themed Pancake.

Because it's clever and my son ate it up!

This Sign.

Because I love this quote and it hangs in my living room above the door frame where everyone can see it when they enter my kitchen.

This Image of Yoda.

Because it's the inside of Skylar's favorite lunchbox and the image is neat to see every time I pack his lunch.  "Lunch is good, pack it everyday you will.  Hmmmm."

This Pitcher Lamp.

Because when I bought it I loved it and I get more compliments on it than I expected.  It's a pretty cool lamp.

This Photo Strip of My Kid.

Because for $5, it's really fun to do.  We love them!

This TV Box.

Because it's been about 10 years since we bought a new TV and it was WAY overdue.

Random Photo of the Week:

Because I love YOGA and it's the symbol for OM, the universal tone.

Eco-Tip:  Be sure and place all your electronics on a power strip and hit the switch off when you turn them off , go on vacation, or go to bed.  Even though the appliance is off, it is still using electricity unless you shut the power strip off and cut the power completely.  For this and other tips on going green, visit The Earth and Me Go Green.

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