Running through the lights at the Snow Park (Ralston Park)

Shortly after New Year's we decided to take a stroll from our house to the Snow Park.  It's actually called Ralston Park here in town, but I like to refer to it as the Snow Park because when it snows, this park the most beautiful sight I have seen covered in snow. It's their Holiday in the Parks festivities and this year the poor tree was missing a star due to some rot at the top.  According to other people the day the fire department went to put the star on top of the tree, they had to cut away a lot of the tree because of the wood being rotted out.  After placing the star on top it fell because there was more rot then expected, so the star was left off the top this year.  It still looked pretty even without the star though.   Unfortunately, this year, we didn't get much snow around the Valley floor, so the park was without snow when we took the walk down to it.  But the lights of the Snow Park are still very pretty!

We invited Skylar's cousins Izzy and Abby, and even invited Grandma Cheryl (Jeff's mom) to come with us too!

The holly tree in the park is always our annual picture-taking pose.  It helped me win a photo contest through the local Bi-Mart here in Lebanon one year too, when Skylar was 3.  

The holly tree was in full bloom while we were there.  It was covered with berries!

Isabelle and Abby sat down in the meditation pose (Dhyana) under the Christmas lights and Skylar joined them.  They said it just seemed like the right thing to do.  It was cute, and it cracked me up!  Ha!


The Build Lebanon Trails light display.  We found several businesses, companies, groups, and people that backed up the lights in the park displays.  The Pioneer School PTA needs a light display next year for sure!

It was pretty muddy by the swing and Skylar had to help Grandma Cheryl through the mud at one point so that she wouldn't slip and fall.  (And some say chivalry is gone)  :-)

After awhile we decided to walk back.  We took Izzy and Abby back to their house and ended up staying for dinner and having the Northwest-Style of Dumplings with them.  

It was a really fun night!

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